5 Medical Shoes for Nurses and Doctors

Three nurses in blue scrubs
When you're on your feet all day like most doctors and nurses, choosing the right shoes can be the difference between a comfortable experience and one full of pain in your feet, knees, hips, and back. Proper alignment starts with the feet, and improper footwear can cause all kinds of minor misalignments that create more major problems over time. The right shoes, on the other hand, will help you focus on your lifesaving work instead of the pain in your feet. A search for medical shoe and scrub options near me can yield a variety of results, so read on to narrow down your search for excellent shoes and other medical wear.

Qualities to Look for When Choosing Shoes

For people working in healthcare, the process of choosing shoes to wear each day has more considerations than for the average person. Not only do you spend much of your day on your feet and still have to have a smile on your face, you have to deal with the potential for spills, splashes, and various fluids potentially coming into contact with your shoes. This means that support, comfort, ease of cleaning, and spill-resistant materials are of the utmost importance.

Lace-Up Athletic Shoes

One of the most common (and easiest to find) kinds of shoes chosen by nurses, doctors, and other healthcare professionals are lace-up athletic shoes. Two top choices include the Infinity by Cherokee Fly Athletic Shoe and the Asics FuseX Lyte 2. These types of shoes offer attractive features for those working in healthcare, such as durable rubber materials on the outsole, excellent arch and overall foot support, gel or foam cushioning, moisture-wicking and breathable uppers, and overall comfort and flexibility.


Another extremely common shoe choice that comes in a variety of options is clogs. Great choices include the IMEVA Medical Clogs in the AnyWear Peak or the AnyWear Range slip-on clog. Both offer slip-resistant soles, great ventilation, dedicated cushioning, antimicrobial materials, surfaces that are designed to be easily wiped and cleaned, and the adjustability and comfort associated with clogs.

Supportive Slip-Ons

Another option to consider for all-day comfort is a supportive slip-on shoe. Bestsellers include the Cherokee Infinity Footwear Lift Slip On Wedge Shoes or the Infinity Leather Breeze Slip Ons. Outer materials may vary, but they're designed to resist spills and stains while providing comfort and support. These shoes are great for durability, ease of removal, and cleanliness.

Nurse wearing facemask and gloves
High-Top Sneakers

For fashionable options that also provide great ankle support, you can't beat high-top sneakers like the Reebok Royal Aspire 2. They're cute, cushioned, and covered in soft leather that resists spills and is supremely comfortable.

Other Excellent Options

A few other popular choices for healthcare professionals include step-ins, slip-on sneakers, mules, and other variations of athletic styles. Ultimately, the shoes you choose come down to your personal sense of style, foot size and shape, specific working needs, and personal preference.

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