5 Top Cute Medical Scrubs

Scrubs 1
You may be used to scrubs that are one size fits all, in boring colors, and not flattering on anyone. This is no longer the case. Scrubs these days can help you perform the same duties while making you look and feel great. Better fits, bolder looks, and even a comfier feel are all in your future. Look for these cute and affordable scrubs in Tulsa, OK.

Flattering Fits

Nowadays, scrubs come in a variety of styles and fits to match any body type. There are hourglass fits, with flared pants and V-neck tops, apple-shaped pairs, with high rise pants and loose-fitting tops, or triangle styles for those who like slightly looser-fitted pants. Perhaps you'd look best in a sweetheart top, a stretchy long sleeve, or with an added jacket. No matter the fit you choose, the myriad options for scrub fits allow you to feel both comfortable and stylish.

Bold Colors

Take a break from those bland blue and grey scrubs, and instead opt for some bolder colors. Brilliant shades of pinks, purples, and reds can make you stand out and brighten the day of those you work with. Classy black, maroon, and greens can give off a professional yet approachable vibe. With scrubs coming in any shade of any color, you can find a plethora of options to fit your preference and mood.


Not only do you have options in colors, but you can also get scrubs with a variety of prints. Prints range from classic designs like polka dots, stripes, or hearts, to more creative prints of flowers, dogs, or flags. Scrubs come with paisley patterns, cheetah print, or your favorite cartoon character. Perhaps modest accents are more your taste. You can find pretty much any print on a pair of scrubs.

Scrubs 2


If you want to look nice, but also wear a pair of scrubs accommodating to a busy schedule, your favorite popular athletic brands are making medical scrubs in a variety of shapes and looks. From yoga pants to warm-up jackets and jogger pants, these clothes are sure to make you feel comfortable and ready to move. Since they come in a variety of styles and colors, you don't need to sacrifice look for feel.


The material of scrubs can make a big difference. Though most scrubs are made from a blend of polyester and cotton, there are more options out there. For instance, spandex and rayon are both commonly used. All have their benefits and disadvantages. Spandex is lightweight and durable, but may require more upkeep. Rayon is absorbent, but wrinkles easily. Cotton is always comfortable, but can shrink. Blends can help you find an option that makes you feel great. Don't wait to buy your cute scrubs, and look for medical scrubs in Tulsa, OK, today.