5 Types of Medical Scrubs Available Online

Hospital scene There are many styles and colors of medical uniforms. Whether or not you have worked in a medical office or facility, you have likely seen different types of scrubs with different features, like colorful patterns, form-fitting cuts, V-necks, swoop necks, and plenty of pockets. If you work in the medical field, then you probably know your uniform requirements by now. Whatever your specific requirements are, there are a few specific types of scrubs that you will need in order to look professional, protect your body while you work, and stay flexible so you can provide sufficient patient care. These are 5 types of scrubs you can find online.

  • Female Nursing Scrubs - Nursing scrubs for women are different than other types of scrubs. They have different styling, feminine patterning or colors, roomy pockets, and shapes that suit female nurses. They have added flexibility and comfort for long shifts handling difficult patients. If you want to know where to buy scrubs in Oklahoma City, start with an online retailer for the widest-possible selection.

  • Surgical Scrubs - Surgical scrubs are made to be disposable, particularly because of the chemicals and bodily fluids that surgeons and their assistants come in contact with during surgical procedures. They are sterile and comfortably loose without getting in the way of free, precise movements. Best of all, they are made to offer total-body coverage to keep your skin safe during long surgeries.

  • Lab Coats - Long-sleeved white coats are classic pieces that doctors can wear over another set of scrubs or professional wear. Not only do they set physicians apart so they are easy to identify in a crowd of employees and patients, but they also look professional. Lab coats are made of easy-to-clean, stain-proof polyester or polypropylene.

Veterinarian and pooch
  • Male Nursing Scrubs - Male nursing scrubs are unique in their form-fitting shape, masculine styling and coloring, the placement of pockets and zippers, and wider shoulders. While many facilities may choose to use unisex scrubs, male nurses benefit from wearing scrubs that are ideal for their shape and comfort. Men can buy scrubs in a variety of colors and styles to match their coworkers or stand out.

  • Veterinary Scrubs - If you work with scaly or furry patients, then you have different job functions than those who work in human healthcare. Similarly, your uniforms should also be distinct. Veterinary scrubs are ideal for everyday use, are extra stain-proof for handling pet care needs, and are long-lasting. Best of all, these scrubs are more odor-resistant than other uniforms, which is excellent for those who handle animals. You can shop online for pet-friendly uniforms today.
But why should you shop for your scrubs on the Internet? There are several benefits, including great pricing due to low overhead costs, a wide selection, the convenience of shopping anytime, and the gift of shipping to any address you choose! When you are ready to buy any of the 5 types of scrubs in Oklahoma City, turn to a great online retailer. You will find several brands, styles and colors of the scrubs and other uniforms you need.