8 Things to Check When Buying Scrubs

Whether you're buying scrubs for the first time or the hundredth time, there are several things you need to consider. The right uniform should complement your body type and the right fabric should keep you comfortable all day long. Before you go shopping for nursing scrubs in Oklahoma City, check out this guide from Raley Scrubs.

Woman in Scrubs

Cheap or Expensive?

The first thing everyone probably looks at when shopping for scrubs is the price tag. The type of material and the intricacy of the cuts play huge roles in determining the price. Naturally, if you spend a little more, you're probably going to get a better uniform made from quality fabrics that will last longer than the less expensive designs.

Basic or Trendy?

This decision will depend on your personal style. Some people don't mind wearing the same scrubs every day, especially if they know they're going to get them dirty. Nurses who have more one-on-one patient interactions, however, might enjoy more trendy styles that reflect their personality.


There are four basic necklines in scrub fashion: V-neck, round, square, and mock wrap. Depending on your body type, height, and face shape, different necklines can enhance your overall look. Find a style that flatters you without being too revealing.


Storage space is a must, especially for nurses who are always on the go. Pockets are great, but the position of your pocket can either help or hinder your work day. Chest pockets are excellent for pens and cell phones so long as you're careful about bending over. To avoid spillage, opt for patch pockets on the waistline for all your essentials. For a more seamless look, scrubs tops are also available with no pockets.

Side Slits

These tiny little gaps at the bottom of a scrub top will increase your range of movement and prevent stress fraying. Keep in mind, however, that shorter tops with side slits might expose you at the waist. Opt for longer tops with side slits or high-waisted pants.

Light or Dark Colors?

Some facilities have uniform color codes. If your facility doesn't, learn what colors complement your skin tone and body type. Petite frames can get away with bright, vibrant colors like yellow and red. Darker colors are more suited for larger frames because they have the ability to cloak troublesome areas. You can find a wide variety of colors to match every mood and every season.

Solids or Prints?

Solids are fun because you can mix and match different colors depending on your mood, the time of year, and even your favorite sports teams. A print top can also be easily matched to a solid bottom or vice versa. They come in a variety of designs featuring important causes like cancer awareness, artwork, flowers, and even your favorite cartoon characters.

Man in Scrubs

Loose or Fitted?

Most scrubs are designed to fit loosely. Depending on the fabric, they'll also probably shrink a little when you wash them for the first time. Loose scrubs can give you a greater range of motion and hide your troublesome areas. Scrubs that are fitted in all the right places will complement your body type and show off your physique. They should never be so tight that they ride up when you move or give you a feeling of restriction.

The right set of scrubs can make all the difference, especially when you're pulling a tough shift. Before you buy scrubs, either online or in Oklahoma City, know what kind of clothes, colors, and fabrics work for your body type and don't be afraid to show off your personal style.