A review of medical scrubs

Anyone who works in the healthcare industry needs reliable medical scrubs to wear on the job every day. Scrubs can be a great investment, but there are also so many options available on the market that it can be hard to choose. Which ones look the best on new nurses? What are the most flattering and the best value for your money? How do you narrow down your choices and find what works best for you? Especially when ordering scrubs online, you may be overwhelmed, but hopefully this guide will help you find the best nursing scrubs in Tulsa, OK.

Nurse Scrubs


Established in 1972, Cherokee has been a fan favorite of nurses ever since, and for a good reason! This brand focuses on an effortless combination of functionality and fashion that allows you to be stylish and professional at the same time. Some of the most popular Cherokee collections available today are Core Stretch, Infinity, Luxe, Revolution, and Workwear Originals. Infinity is known for being lightweight and stretchy, while Core Stretch boasts superior comfort and extra features. Whichever range you choose, they are all reasonably-priced so that you can dress nicely for work without breaking your budget.

Grey's Anatomy

Another excellent option that's openly embraced by the nursing community is Grey's Anatomy. Both the Classic and Signature lines offer classic comfort and a smooth, professional look, named after ABC's famous medical drama. Manufactured by Barco Scrubs, the Grey's Anatomy line has moisture-wicking technology and super soft touch for scrubs you could easily wear all day long. Nurses say they especially love the shirt pockets that are easily accessible and big enough to store their necessities when they're on the move.


Many of those in the medical industry highly recommend HeartSoul scrubs for nurses. The stylish “Beat of my Heart" V-neck top pairs perfectly with the “Heartbreaker" pants. These stretchy scrubs have an almost sporty feel, with some nurses comparing them to yoga pants they can wear on duty! While some scrubs may have a box-like look that makes you lose your shape, HeartSoul just does the opposite. These scrubs have a functional and flattering fit with breathable and stretchy material that helps dedicated nurses, and medical assistants do whatever they need to do to best take care of their patients.


Med Couture

If you're looking to buy scrubs that will last you a long time, Med Couture is a great option. Both Med Couture Originals and Med Couture Activate are available in bold and bright colors to keep you looking your best at work. Nurses love the vibrant shades, cute fit, and water-resistant material. When you want scrubs that are cutting-edge and fashion-forward, this is a fabulous option. Med Couture is reasonably priced too so that you can find your favorite colors and stock up.


When it comes to discount scrubs, WonderWink is a much-loved option, known for exceptionally stretchy material and scrubs with multiple pockets for added convenience. The material is wrinkle-resistant, and nurses say these scrubs are cooling and breathable, which comes in very handy considering how stuffy patient rooms can be at times. The double stitch at the pockets is another popular feature, as the pockets are sturdy enough to hold multiple tools and utensils at once. WonderWink scrubs are made with comfort and fashion in mind.

If you're ready to find the perfect pair of scrubs for you, visit Raley Scrubs for an extensive selection of quality scrubs you can wear for years to come.