Buying Medical Scrubs: How to Make Your Job Easier

Hospital staffWhile scrubs are the traditional uniform of medical professionals of all kinds, many people don't understand why they are so important for those jobs. Besides being a major identifier, scrubs serve protective and sanitation purposes and generally make life easier for people working in medical fields. Buying the right scrubs, wearing them properly, and taking care of your scrubs in Tulsa, OK, will make your job easier.

Why Scrubs?

In addition to being comfortable and uniform, scrubs should allow you to access your full range of motion, keep you covered without worrying when you bend and reach, and stay firmly in place while you do your job. Scrubs protect you from fluids, spills, and other hazards of the job in hospitals, dental offices, and other medical clinics. They are generally easier to wash and sanitize than your street clothes, so when spills, drips, and splashes happen, you don't have to worry about the aftermath on your clothes. Depending on your particular workplace's policies, scrubs in various colors also designate various roles and personnel.

What to Look For

Options for scrubs are becoming more available and varied, to the delight of most people in the field. You can find scrubs in many colors, patterns, sizes, styles, cuts, and details. In addition to personal style and preference, there are a few key things to look for when shopping for scrubs to ensure a pleasant experience. The best scrubs are stain-resistant and built to handle anything your hectic job can throw at them. Obviously, a good fit is essential. If you have the opportunity to try the scrubs on and bend, move, and sit down in them, it will give you a better idea of what you can expect. Make sure your scrubs meet your needs in the pocket department, as every person has different preferences when it comes to number, size, and location of pockets.

Good and Bad Habits

As soon as you get home, remove and clean your scrubs. Anything that gets on your scrubs can be introduced into your home if you aren't careful. Wash with similar colors and fabrics on a setting that will kill germs and remove stains. If you have questions about care, your scrub shop in Tulsa can help with specifics.