Dental Scrub Trends for the Office

Scrubs 1Every morning, you slide open your closet doors and look for an outfit that is both comfortable and stylish. Historically, only the former was an option for dentists and dental hygienists. Reaching for a set of fashionable scrubs was something only actors on your favorite medical drama did.
This is no longer true. If you work in a dental office, you can now dress simultaneously for function and success. You even have options beyond the print on the fabric. Pick a cut that flatters your waistline. Choose a style that transitions with you at the end of your workday. And of course, pick the colors and prints that represent you best. There is something for everyone. Peruse the selection of scrubs in Tulsa, OK, and make every workday your runway.


When selecting your scrubs, it is important to look at the fabric blends. Pay particular attention to the washing and drying instructions. Ask about performance fabrics, as these anti-moisture, wicking fabrics are designed to look sleek and be 24/7 wear. Buy your scrubs in Tulsa and they will stand the test of time.


Repeated washing is essential because of your work environment. However, it's important to select scrubs that will not degrade or intensely fade from the stress of laundering. Consult the sales clerk for any feedback from other customers or the manufacturer.

Scrubs 2


Functionality is your priority. You move all day at work, sitting, standing, and often bending over patients as you work on their teeth. You want scrubs that move with you, flattering you as they do. Today, manufacturers are aware of this and pay particular attention to seam placement that maximizes your flexibility and flatters your curves.


“Stylish scrubs" is no longer an oxymoron. You spoke and designers listened. In every other workplace, employees have countless options to dress professionally, and yet honor their personal style. Whatever your body shape, color preferences, or height, the rack has your answer. Scrubs now come with multiple sleeve lengths, alternative waistlines, and coverage lengths. You'll get compliments all day from patients when you choose the right cut for you.


Work isn't the only place you go in a day. Choose an underscrub or a scrub jacket and forget about packing your gym bag. Made from active anti-moisture wicking fabric, this garment transitions with you from work, to the gym, the grocery store, and then home.
Statistics show that positivity and self-esteem are internally triggered when we feel confident in our clothes. Dress well and you'll feel good. Feel great all day, everyday when you buy scrubs in Tulsa.