Fluid Resistant Scrubs: What You Need to Know

Surgical nurse in Tulsa We sell scrubs for a wide range of occupations. From dental hygienists to emergency room nurses, there are lots of people who require antimicrobial scrubs in Tulsa and throughout the world. Scrubs come in different colors and styles, but they generally look the same. One difference is that some are fluid resistant. Choosing these scrubs can provide several benefits. Here are some things that people should know about fluid-resistant scrubs.

Fabric Construction

Typical scrubs are made from 100% polyester. Fluid-resistant scrubs contain high-density polyester as well as carbon fibers. The carbon fibers make up less than 1% of the fabric construction, but they help increase the materials' repellency of fluids without changing the comfort level. A person could test the material by pouring water on a part of the scrubs and observing the water roll off the sides of the pants.


The construction of the scrubs increases their durability. These scrubs tend to cost more than regular scrubs, but they last longer, which makes them a great investment. For people who wear scrubs every day to work, they need scrubs that will hold up for a long time. Otherwise, they find themselves needing to purchase new scrubs on a regular basis. This can get pretty expensive over time.

Antimicrobial Properties

For many people who wear scrubs to work, it's important to keep the work environment clean and free from microorganisms that can make patients sick. Not only are these scrubs resistant to fluids, but they are also antimicrobial. They prevent pathogens from adhering and staying on the clothing. The properties even prevent lint from staying on the clothes.

Static Elimination

When working around medical equipment, static can cause major problems. In some cases, static can alter the results, making them less accurate. Professionals who wear scrubs tend to wear special shoes with rubber soles in order to eliminate static. They can also wear these fluid resistant scrubs to help dissipate any static that builds up on them.

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Moisture Reduction

Running around an office can build up a sweat, but no one wants to see their nurse with sweaty armpits coming into their room. In order to look the part and stay cool, fluid-resistant scrubs wick away moisture. They also help increase air circulation through the scrubs to reduce sweat and prevent signs of it from showing up on clothes. For people who work in offices and other environments that always feel too warm, this can be a great feature to have.

Lots of people can benefit from choosing fluid-resistant scrubs for their workplace attire. These scrubs are similar to the regular scrubs that a person already uses, but they can also help repel water, prevent pathogen growth, eliminate static electricity, and reduce moisture. These benefits also help prolong the life of the scrubs, so they won't need to be replaced as frequently. Check out our scrubs today to see the options available and find ones that will suit a wide range of personal tastes, styles, and needs. We can help people find the perfect fluid-resistant scrubs to provide these benefits and more for all sorts of professionals who need to wear these on the job.