How Can Your Nursing Scrubs Make You Look More Stylish

scrubsLately, scrubs for nurses have been basic and bland. Today, however, several new cuts and styles are changing the uniform industry for the better. Here are a few ways you can create a fashion statement with your uniform from Raley Scrubs.

Fitted Cut

You may have seen the term “fitted cut" at your favorite clothing store. Now you can find this fashionable feature in many new scrub uniform lines. Like a fitted shirt, a fitted scrub is designed to enhance a slim figure. A standard scrub usually has a few inches of extra fabric in the midsection which isn't very flattering. A fitted scrub top pulls that extra fabric in either at the side seams or along the ribs, highlighting a slim waist. Fitted scrubs come in both men's and women's uniform lines. For apple and reverse triangle body shapes, opt for scrubs with side slits. A fitted shirt will restrict movement while a normal cut with a side slit will increase your range of movement at the hips.


The neckline of your scrub top can also up the wow-factor of your overall look. The classic scoop neckline, for example, will help soften the look of wide shoulders while a V-neck will add sharpness and shape to a smaller frame. A wrap or mock-wrap top creates a natural V-neck that highlights the face and shoulders at the same time, slimming the waist. Ruching is a unique technique where the fabric is gathered at the neckline or seams. Along the neckline, ruching adds an effeminate touch to your uniform. Around the waist, it can cleverly camouflage troublesome spots.


The right pant leg can also help you look more fashionable. While straight leg pants are considered the most professional, don't be afraid to invest in a flare cut. Flared pant legs will flatter nurses with long legs and long torsos. If you're considered petite, however, a flared leg will make you look shorter. Go with a straight leg that fits you well. As far as the height of your pants, opt for a low-rise if you have a shorter torso and a high rise if you have a long torso.

Fashionable nursing scrubs in Tulsa can help you create a custom look that flatters your body type and reflects your personality.