How Often to Replenish Medical Scrubs

Girl in Scrubs Medical scrubs didn't start out as a fashion statement. When medical staffs first started wearing them, scrubs were white. White was hard on the eyes and showed every stain imaginable, so scrubs in drab green and blue became common. In the past, hospitals may have supplied their staff with scrubs. Dirty or worn out scrubs were brought to a central supply area and traded for clean scrubs. That's not how things work today. It's even less likely if you work in a private medical or dental practice. You're responsible for purchasing and caring for your own scrubs. Just like other pieces in your wardrobe, scrubs must be replenished. Here are tips on how often you should replace your medical scrubs.

How Often Do You Wear Your Scrubs?

Your work schedule plays a role in determining when you need to replace your scrubs. Scrubs that only get used a few days a week don't wear out as quickly as those that are worn full-time. The threads don't break down as fast, primarily because they don't get washed as often. If you're a part-time or temporary employee, you may only need to purchase new scrubs every few years. Even if you don't think you need to buy scrubs often, it's a good idea to find a good scrub shop in Tulsa, OK, where you can replace worn out scrubs easily.

Where Do You Wear Scrubs?

Staff working in surgical units or other areas where they're exposed to bodily fluids not only wash their scrubs more often, they may need to change into a clean set during their shift. If your day-to-day duties attract blood, urine, or feces, your scrubs hopefully get washed after each shift. If you work as a medical records clerk in an office where scrubs are required, you may get away with not laundering your work clothes every day. Your colleagues may not appreciate it, but you won't need to buy new scrubs as often. People in Scrubs

What Quality Scrubs Do You Buy?

Quality is the most significant factor in determining when to replenish medical scrubs. High quality scrubs are more durable than some of the cheaper brands. They don't tear as easily, and the seams are sturdier. If you purchase better quality scrubs, you may get away with replacing them every few years. But where's the fun in that? High quality scrubs usually come in multiple styles and colors. For people who wear scrubs in Tulsa, OK, being able to personalize their scrub wardrobe makes the idea of wearing a uniform fun. If that's you, then you may find yourself replenishing, or at least adding to, your scrub collection more often.

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