How to Find the Nursing Scrubs for Your Body Type

Nurse at work When searching for nursing scrubs, it can be somewhat challenging to find comfortable, cheap garments within your price range and at a convenient place for you to shop. This means that it may be even harder to find scrubs that you like and that flatter your body type. There are a number of different styles you should try to be sure that you are purchasing the scrubs that will work best for you. During a busy day in the hospital, clinic, or office, you will want the most comfortable and becoming style of scrubs available. While it may sound slightly daunting to find scrub stores near you that carry these flattering styles, a little bit of research about this topic will ensure you have the best possible product! Every body type is different, but remember this simple guide when buying scrubs in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Understanding the four most common female shapes will help you as you shop for nursing scrubs.

  • Apple. This body style is one that is sometimes mistaken for a pear shape. A good sense of direction as far as whether you actually do have an apple body shape is characteristics such as a wider torso, broad shoulders, thinner arms and legs, and a rather undefined waist. Once you have established your body type, you should make every effort to find the best way to dress your body type. If you avoid drawing attention to your waist, this will help to give the look of a smaller body structure as you highlight on your slim arms and legs. Choosing scrubs that reflect this will give a flattering look to your overall outfit.

  • Banana. The body figure known as the banana is one that is also often referred to as the rectangle or even the ruler shape. This type is one of the most easily identified of all bodies. In many cases, the arms, hips, and legs of a banana-shaped figure will all be the same width. Not surprisingly, they also often have a small- to medium-size waist. If you have discovered you are a banana-shaped figure, the best way to dress is through wearing a combination of tops and jackets that will give emphasis to your waist. Also, banana-shaped bodies are able to wear more fitted jeans and pants, making this ideal for those shopping for nursing scrubs.

  • Pear. Known as perhaps the most common of women's body types, this one works well with a number of different clothing styles. You may have heard of this type as the triangle body figure. In order to make sure you do in fact have a pear-shaped body, ask yourself a few easy questions. Are your hips larger than your waist? Do you have a nicely defined waist? Does your weight gain typically start in your hips? If the answer to all of these questions is yes, you are in fact a pear-shaped body type. This means that your waist is one of your best qualities. When you are choosing clothes and scrubs in particular, remember that it is best to choose fitted tops rather than pants. Also, keeping away from huge, billowy shirts will allow you to highlight your small waist.

  • Hourglass. The last body type many women have is that of the hourglass shape. Many women view this as the ideal body type. This shape often means you have a very well-balanced figure. You also have a beautifully defined waist. Choosing to highlight these aspects will ensure your nursing scrubs do not leave you feeling swallowed up in fabric. Finding pants that will make your legs appear longer will also give the look of a balanced figure. Keeping these tips in mind when searching for scrubs in Oklahoma City will ensure you are able to find the style that best fits with your body type.

    Even as a busy nurse or nursing student, you can still find the best fitting scrubs when you truly understand your body type and the clothing that will work best for you as a result. Whether you have the body type of an apple, banana, pear, or hourglass, you will be able to find the best nursing scrubs in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma when you pay attention to these simple tips on dressing your body type.