How to Keep the Workplace Safe with Scrubs

If you work in the healthcare industry -- or any environment where diseases and viruses may be present -- you know the importance of keeping the workplace as safe as possible. One of the most common and best tools to protect workers, patients, and everyone else is medical scrubs. Tulsa hospitals, clinics, and assisted living facilities are all made far safer when the employees are outfitted in scrubs. Here are just a few of the ways medical scrubs provide a safe work environment.

They Make Contaminants Visible

A lot goes on when you're working with patients. At any time, one of them could become sick, or there could be a spill of some kind of material or fluid that can contaminate an area. If you were to wear regular street clothes during such an occurrence, you wouldn't be able to identify where on your person a contaminant lands. Scrubs are like a clean slate and make it easier to identify places where dangerous fluids like vomit, stool, and blood land.

Female Nurse in Light Blue Scrub Pressing Hand Soap Dispenser

Scrubs Can Be Cleaned Properly

Healthcare sites where the employees wear medical scrubs need to wash those scrubs on a regular basis to maintain safety. To remove all the microbes and contaminants that can pose risks in these environments, all clothing must be cleaned harshly with chemicals and heat that can't be withstood by regular clothes. Only scrubs have the capacity to be cleaned in such a fashion and then re-worn shortly thereafter.

They Don't Cost Much

While the price of scrubs may not seem like something that makes a workplace safer, nothing could be further from the truth. If scrubs were as expensive as medical devices, chemicals, and other things that are used to prevent infection in the workplace, they wouldn't be nearly as effective. Because they are cheap to purchase and maintain, however, it's not cost-prohibitive to outfit your workforce in potentially lifesaving scrubs.

Easy Identification

A hospital can be a chaotic environment, so anything that can be done to help create order has the potential to save lives. Many healthcare facilities find it useful to designate different positions with different colored scrubs. This makes it easier to identify workers, such as nurses, when their help is needed. The same practice can be applied to any workplace where speed in identifying a person's responsibilities can make an impact on workplace safety.

A More Professional Work Environment

When employees wear uniforms -- especially uniforms that are critical in protecting peoples' safety -- it gives them a sense of purpose. While medical professionals might not usually need reminders of the importance of their job, anyone is liable to lose their focus from time to time. Medical scrubs serve as a reminder that they're on duty, and that the health of the community relies on their professional behavior. The look of scrubs on personnel likewise has a positive effect on patients and everyone else present. The uniform nature of scrubs inspires confidence in the people who need it most that they'll be taken care of and given the help they need.

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