How to Stay Warm in Your Nursing Scrubs During Winter

Doctor The winter chill brings biting wind, ice, and even snow in some areas. However, you still have to work through these harsh conditions. People still get sick and injured in the winter, and as a member of a healthcare facility or clinic, you have a responsibility to help them. So how do you dress appropriately for the winter season so that you don't become a patient yourself? Protecting your body from the cold protects your joints, skin, and immune system. Here are some tips for staying warm this winter.

About Scrubs

Scrubs are designed for many purposes, including protecting your skin from harsh chemicals. Many brands of affordable scrubs in Tulsa are essentially designed to be barriers between you and sick patients. They are not designed to keep you warm. Scrubs are made of thin, stain-resistant fabric that stays cool. In cold months, you need to put on layers over your scrubs. Wearing only scrubs in the winter is about as bad for your as wearing your sleepwear outdoors!

Tips for Staying Warm

Men and women can both jump on a common scrubs trend: wearing long sleeves under the scrub top. Try to stick to a black or white shirt without writing or patterns. This will look professional and should match with scrubs in virtually any color. You can even wear a thin T-shirt under the long-sleeve shirt for an extra layer of protection. Try to wear fitted, not oversized, shirts to prevent a bulky and lazy appearance.

When it comes to your bottoms, wear warm undergarments. On the coldest days, long underwear may be a necessity. Don't worry if you feel silly wearing such an outdated garment. No one will know you're wearing them. And if you frequently wheel patients out to their cars or escort them from an ambulance, long underwear may be a necessity. Going from a heated environment out to the bare cold and back again can shock your system.

Also, you should always wear a coat outdoors when possible, especially when commuting to work. And never wear scrubs that have holes or tears in them. This exposure can make you sick. Replace them with a new set of affordable scrubs in Tulsa.