Medical Wardrobe: Learn Some Dos and Don'ts

Scrubs Medical scrubs have captured the imagination of the public, thanks to television, but for the medical or healthcare professional, they're as important to the job as any other piece of equipment. They allow for comfort during long shifts, flexibility during difficult tasks, durability for normal wear and tear, and are relatively easy to maintain. Still, there are do's and don'ts to your medical clothes wardrobe. Here are a few things to think about when choosing your nursing scrubs in Tulsa, TX.


Scrub tops can be revealing, especially if you bend over. While that might make the day of some patients, not everyone wants to see it. Getting a scrubs top that fits right is key, but if you still have issues revealing too much, you can wear them with a t-shirt underneath. The key is to find medical scrubs in Tulsa, TX, that allow flexibility but do not result in you spilling out of your clothes.


Your scrubs, like a business suit or uniform, say a lot about you. How they fit sends a message to co-workers, patients and your management. If your scrubs are baggy or too small, it can appear unprofessional. Make sure you test wear them before buying any scrubs and if needed, opt for a stretchy version to ensure a comfortable, but professional fit.



Patterns and prints on scrubs can be a toss-up. For pediatrics, cartoon characters can be appropriate, but if you work with geriatric patients, while cartoons might bring a smile to some folks, many will view it as a sign you are not serious about your work. Appearances and the message you send to your patients is critical to their mental and emotional well-being. If you want to add your own flair to your outfit, go with a color scheme that shouts “you" without being overbearing.


Most people already view healthcare facilities, fair or not, as germ repositories. Dirty scrubs not only add to that perception, they send a message about your own hygiene, whether it is true or not. Regularly wash your scrubs and discard those that start to look worn. Do not keep scrubs that have rips or frays. The message you send with your scrubs will be the only clear message many of your patients get regarding your facility and the level of service they will provide. You want to find discount scrubs in Tulsa, TX, that save you money, not scrubs that look like you got them on discount.

Pants and Sleeves

Sleeves that are too short look odd. Sleeves that are too long can pose a hazard, especially if they are loose fitting. With pants, the largest issue is comfort. Pants that fit well, are more comfortable. Fortunately, no matter what your body type or size, there are manufacturers of scrubs for you.
Finding the right nursing scrubs in Tulsa, TX, takes a little thought and planning. Luckily, if you do both, you can find scrubs that are comfortable, durable, affordable and send the message you want to send.