Popular Prints in Women's Scrubs

Doctor and nurse One of the perks of being a nurse or hospital tech is the ability to buy scrubs in a variety of colors and patterns. As long as you don't need to stick to a strict set of scrubs, you can use your work uniform as an opportunity to show your true colors. When you come see us, you'll be able to buy scrubs in OK in the following expressive patterns.

Bring the Party to Work

Today, not all scrubs need to be solid colors or the standard light green of the past. For those outgoing and personable folks, several brands make scrubs that will make you feel like the middle of the week is a party day. Barco 4 Pocket Printed V Neck Women's Top comes in lots of fun patterns, including multi-colored and feathered a blue to green ombre. If your personality is bright and dynamic, these scrubs will help you let it shine for all your coworkers and patients to see.

Summery Fun

Bubbles, palm trees, and ocean sunsets bring to mind the fun times of summer. Even if you're searching for scrubs in Tulsa, OK, in the middle of a dreary winter, you can still remind people of tropical paradises with your cheery disposition and summer-pattern scrubs. Teal, orange, and fuchsia are reminiscent of beach parties featuring cocktails with colorful umbrellas.

Zen and Relaxed

For those who are more chill than chipper, many scrubs prints can help you channel this aspect of your personality and radiate peaceful wisdom to the people around you. Studies show that people feel more relaxed around light blue, green, and purple. These cool colors don't overstimulate, and make people breathe a sigh of relief. To express your inner guru and take the whole room down a couple of notches of nervous energy, pick patterns in these colors. For the exact patterns that impart a sense of relaxation, take a look at wavy or horizontal stripe patterns in these mellow hues..


Not All Who Wear Scrubs Are Pink Fans

If you're an outdoorsy type who's not a fan of the pink heart prints, there are lots of scrubs (not just the standard green ones) that can make you stand out in a crowd. From camouflage to leaves and acorns, many scrub manufacturers produce patterned scrubs for men or women who don't want to overwhelm their patients with too much business of pattern or color. We have a full catalog in our scrub shops in Tulsa, OK, so don't miss the chance to stop by.