September Is Nephrology and Neonatal Nurses Celebration

Every year, in September, the medical industry celebrates nurses who specialize in nephrology and neonatal practices. Raley Scrubs, your home for nursing scrubs in Tulsa, OK, honors the men and women in these fields by spreading the word about this important week. Keep reading to learn more about Nephrology and Neonatal Nursing Appreciation Week and how you can do your part.


What Is Nephrology?

Nephrology is the study of the kidneys and kidney disease and was officially recognized as a specialty field in 1973 when the federal government began funding treatment options for end-stage kidney disease (ESRD) through Social Security. The goal of nurses and doctors in this area of medicine is to help patients achieve normal kidney function. Dialysis or kidney transplantation are typical treatments for cases of kidney disease. Nephrology nurses assist with these treatments. They attend to patients diligently during dialysis appointments and throughout the transplant process. In addition to traditional high school and associate-level college degrees, nephrology nurses undergo further training through accredited nursing schools and specialty training in nephrology. Beyond the assessment and treatment of kidney disease, nephrology nurses also provide encouragement and comfort to patients and their families during what can be a stressful time.

What Is Neonatal?

Neonatal nursing is another specialty field of medicine that deals specifically with newborns and children up to two years old. The need for neonatal care goes back to the days when the survival rates of infants were considerably lower than they are now. Thanks to modern medicine, medical technology, and the personalized care of neonatal nurses and doctors, even infants with low birth weight have higher rates of survival. In addition to assisting doctors and mothers during the delivery process, neonatal nurses also provide counseling and care for expecting mothers before the baby arrives. After birth, some newborns need 24-hour care in an incubator unit. Neonatal nurses provide care to these little ones who need more specialized attention.

Neonatal Nurse

How to Get Involved

There are several ways you and your family can show your appreciation for nephrology and neonatal nurses this week. The first is to stop by your doctor's office and say thank you to the exceptional nurses in your life. You can also spread awareness for this celebration week by sharing this blog across your social media platforms. Use hashtags like #NephrologyNursesWeek and #NeonatalNursesWeek to join the millions of others on social media who are also celebrating. Direct friends and family members to sponsor sites like the American Nephrology Nurses Association and the National Association of Neonatal Nurses to learn more about these specialty fields. Reach out to your local newspaper or news station and tell them about nephrology or neonatal nurses in your community who deserve recognition. You can also show your appreciation by volunteering at your local hospital. Or, simply give them a gift of appreciation like nursing scrubs.

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