The Benefits of Wearing Antimicrobial Scrubs

Antimicrobial fabrics have completely revolutionized the medical industry. Not only have they helped slow the spread of infectious diseases, but they're also comfortable and fashionable to wear. Your local scrub shop in Oklahoma City will have a wide variety of scrubs, including those treated with antimicrobial protection. Here are the top five benefits of wearing antimicrobial uniforms from Raley Scrubs.

Medical Personnel in Scrubs

Germ Protection

The best and most functional benefit of antimicrobial scrubs is their ability to stop the spread of germs. Nurses and doctors see hundreds of patients every day in hospitals and offices around the world. The potential to spread germs from one patient to another is always high. Advances in antimicrobial technology and fabrics have helped create this new line of germ-resistant scrubs.

Antimicrobial agents, like silver, are added to the fabric during the manufacturing process. They bind permanently to the fabric fibers, essentially creating a germ-proof shield of protection. This is especially great for medical professionals on the go. When your shift is over you can wear them to the grocery store to pick up dinner and to pick up the kids from school. Have peace of mind knowing that when you leave your office you're not taking the germs with you. This innovative concept also makes antimicrobial scrubs perfect for doing chores around the house.

Odor and Stains

Another reason to invest in antimicrobial scrubs is their ability to fight odors and stains. During the manufacturing process, some companies also add fluid-resistant chemicals in addition to the antimicrobial agents. These chemical agents prevent liquids from being absorbed by the fabric. Several strains of airborne bacteria travel through the air via microscopic water droplets. When these microbes come in contact with fluid-resistant scrubs, they roll right off the fabric. This technology also protects against sweat and food stains. If bacteria can't attach to the fabric, it also can't create embarrassing odors.


The technology behind these innovative fabrics also increases the longevity of the material. New fiber blends and strengthening agents used in their production are increasing the overall strength of the material, making it more durable. So long as they're properly washed according to the manufacturer's directions, these scrubs are guaranteed to last longer than your old uniforms. You can actually save money by investing in antimicrobial scrubs.

Skin Irritation

Many people are concerned about developing skin allergies from the different chemicals and dyes used in clothing production. In the past, antimicrobial scrubs were heavy and stiff, almost like burlap. While they served a valuable purpose in the surgery ward, they were extremely uncomfortable and itchy. If you wore them for any length of time, you were sure to develop rashes under your arm and around your neck. Today's antimicrobial scrubs are considerably more comfortable. They're also available with organic fibers instead of synthetics for medical professionals who don't like the feel of polyester blends. All scrubs are little stiff when you first buy them, but by adding a half cup of vinegar or your favorite softener to the wash cycle, you can reduce stiffness and preserve colors.

Medical Personnel in Scrubs


In the past, antimicrobial scrubs were expensive and hard to find. They were usually reserved for operating rooms and research labs. Today, however, antimicrobial scrubs are very affordable. They're available in a wide range of colors and styles from many of your favorite brand name designers. When you're shopping for antimicrobial scrubs in Oklahoma City, you'll find everything you need at Raley Scrubs.