Tips for Choosing the Right Uniform Supplier

Medical Team Wearing Scrubs
If you're in the market for a new uniform provider, there are a few factors to consider before hiring the right supplier. Employers require uniforms for all kinds of reasons, especially in the medical field. If you need to purchase uniform scrubs for your staff, it's crucial you find a company that can deliver the quantity and quality you need. Here are a few tips to carefully consider when choosing the right uniform supplier for your company.

Variety of Uniforms

When searching for uniform suppliers to consider partnering with, you should choose suppliers that actually carry what you need. This is why you should choose uniform providers that carry a high variety of scrubs for your staff. No matter the occasion for work, your staff will be able to have the type of uniform they need. Also, it offers you (the employer) plenty of options to choose from when selecting which uniform to outfit your staff with.

Experience in the Industry

You should be on the lookout for a uniform supplier that's been in the industry for quite some time. Experienced scrub uniform providers will know exactly what your needs are and understand the necessary maintenance and selection to carry for your organization. Their time spent in the industry will also help them deliver outstanding results to keep your business moving forward. When it comes to how your company is physically represented, you can't afford to work with amateurs.

Fast-Paced Service

You can't afford to have any member not be in uniform. Due to this, it's essential you receive all scrubs early or on-time and in excellent quality. You should be on the lookout for a uniform supplier that understands the need for quick turnaround times and fast-paced service. Consider reviewing the delivery schedule of potential suppliers you're thinking about partnering with. This way, you can ensure you're going to be working with a company that delivers.

Quick and Reliable Support

Never work with a uniform supplier that treats you like another number to their growing clientele. Only partner with uniform providers that offer quick, reliable, and outstanding support. That means one-on-one communication with a representative, not a computer. Whether it be updating your service schedule or changing out the style of your staff's uniforms, it's essential you find yourself a scrub uniform supplier that's always open to help and answer any question you have.

Scrubs Hanging with Lab Coat
Excellent Reputation

It's best to work with a uniform supplier that has made a name for themselves; in other words, they have a good reputation. This means consistent and outstanding service to their customers. To find a provider that has such an excellent reputation, you should ask other businesses in your area who they use for their staff's uniforms.

In doing so, you can build a list of potential uniform providers to partner your company with. Once you have at least three providers in mind, you should schedule in-person consultations and estimates for the uniforms you're inquiring about, whether you're looking for medical scrubs or restaurant polos.

There are a few tips to consider when choosing the right uniform supplier, from searching for suppliers that have a variety of inventory to comparing providers with high reputations in the community. Hopefully, by following this short guide today, you can have an easier time finding your company a new provider for uniforms in Tulsa. Get started today, by contacting Raley Scrubs at and take advantage of free shipping for your online order!