Tips to Clean Your Scrubs

Scrubs Being a nurse is a tough and important job. The long shifts are full of meaningful, yet tiring, work, and their faithful scrubs accompany them through every bit of the day. At the end of each shift, a pair of scrubs may be full disgusting stains. Though you're bound to be exhausted after a hard day of work, it's important to sufficiently clean your scrubs so they're disinfected and sanitary for your next shift. Keep these tips in mind to keep your scrubs in the best condition possible.

Why Wear Scrubs

You may have wondered why nurses wear scrubs in the first place. They started being worn a long time ago by surgeons who operated in a “scrubbed" environment. Scrubs now play a vital role in hospitals by helping patients identify hospital personnel and acting as an easy to clean and durable uniform.

General Tips

If you want scrubs to last a long time without fading or wearing out, buy high-quality scrubs made of durable and resistant material. You're likely to find quality scrubs online, perhaps on sites that offer free shipping on scrubs. To keep your scrubs in top condition and avoid contamination, only wear them at work and do not wear them while eating. When storing scrubs, keep them in airtight bags away from germs.

Clean scrubs

Washing Scrubs

The first step to washing your scrubs is by pre-treating them with a cold water and vinegar mixture. Next, put them in the laundry machine in a load by themselves and use a sanitizing cycle if possible. To properly disinfect them, and to increase the chances of removing every stain, wash your scrubs twice. Treat the first cycle like any other load of laundry, using cold water and just laundry soap. During the second wash, use hot water and add bleach. If there's a difficult stain, soak your scrubs in hot water and scrub the stain with soap. For blood stains, scrub with hydrogen peroxide.

Drying Scrubs

If you dry your scrubs in the dryer, use a high-heat setting to kill any lingering bacteria. You can also hang your scrubs to dry to prevent wrinkles. After they're dry, use an iron to press your scrubs to kill any remaining germs and to keep them looking professional.

Though scrubs used to be only available in basic colors, they now come in many fun and playful designs to help brighten you and your patient's day. If you're looking for a great new pair of scrubs in Dallas, TX, look online and at local shops today.