Top Five Best Medical Scrubs for Nurses

Four Nurse in Scrubs
Medical scrubs don't always get as much attention as they deserve. Considering how long shifts can be as a nurse and how many miles you put on your scrubs, they're an extremely important choice. After all, you don't want to be uncomfortable the entire time you're working, and you may enjoy a touch of style as well. Ideally, scrubs for nurses in Tulsa should be remarkably wearable and look good at the same time.

1. Dickies

Perhaps the first set of scrubs most nurses buy, the Dickies brand has earned a name for itself and for a good reason. Comfortable and well-made, Dickies offers scrubs that are priced reasonably and still provide comfort. If you want a tried and true choice, Dickies scrubs are easy options, and they rarely disappoint.

Although Dickies may not produce scrubs that are the cutting edge of fashion, they shouldn't be dismissed when it comes to style. These scrubs feature clean lines and classic designs. Perhaps you won't turn heads on the runway, but they don't lack a certain simple elegance.

2. Grey's Anatomy

Another enduring favorite, Grey's Anatomy scrubs are always in demand. Their scrubs come in a number of different colors and styles, so there's bound be something that suits your personal style and wardrobe. The flexible waistbands add a touch of comfort, and you might even discover a few extra pockets. Storage is certainly something to consider. It might not matter much when it comes to visual appeal, but it's incredibly practical and helpful.

Grey's Anatomy has a great variety of scrubs for women and men. Not to be outdone when it comes to more contemporary styles, you can find yoga-style scrub pants. If you want a go-to favorite among nurses everywhere, Grey's Anatomy should have you covered.

3. Cherokee

Cherokee has a little something for everyone. Large front pockets are convenient, and their scrubs come in more than 30 different colors. The classic V-neck tops are offered, but you can find round-neck and button-front styles as well. Whether you're short or tall, they have both petite and tall sizes available.

Affordable and versatile seems to be the approach Cherokee has taken when it comes to their scrubs, and it works quite well. You can buy an assortment of Cherokee scrubs or mix them into your existing ensemble. Either way, you should be quite happy with the results.

4. Med Couture

Fashion doesn't have to be left at home, and Med Couture has taken that simple truth to heart. Classically feminine, remarkably vibrant, and fashion-forward are the name of the game when it comes to Med Couture. They have a variety of collections available, and they even have joggers that are sporty, fun, and fantastically wearable.

Med Couture hasn't forgotten the men either. They have signature pieces and performance wear for men as well. Any fashionable nurse should have a few items from Med Couture in their wardrobe. Their scrubs are sleek, stylish, and Med Couture is always incorporating contemporary influences into their designs.
Pile of Folded Scrubs with a Stethoscope and Mask on Top

5. Heartsoul

Heartsoul makes no apologies for celebrating sisterhood and insisting that fashion can be fun, even if you're wearing scrubs! They embrace prints, pink, hearts, and flowers. If you want to celebrate your feminine side at work and enjoy what you wear, Heartsoul may be right for you.

When you buy scrubs in Tulsa, you should keep these top five options in mind. Speak with Raley Scrubs at 918-835-6381 if you'd like to take your nursing fashion to the next level.