Ways to Customize Medical Uniforms

Nurse in Hot Pink Scrub and Nurse in Aqua Scrub Tops
Medical uniforms, like nursing scrubs, are workplace necessities. But it's good to know that there are some unique ways to customize your scrubs. You can still bring your personality and unique sense of style to your scrubs. These are the top ways that you can customize your medical scrubs.


Did you know that you can custom embroider your scrubs? Many companies that sell scrubs offer embroidery services that allow you to add text and graphics to your uniform. So, what should you embroider on your scrubs? Add professionalism to your outfit with your full name and title or even your department name. You can also embroider the name and logo of your office or facility on the chest of your scrubs top. You can even embroider personal details onto your scrubs, like a special date, an image, or a loved one's name.


Custom prints give pattern and texture to your scrubs. If you work with kids in a children's hospital or pediatric clinic, you can print cartoon or video game characters onto your scrubs. Kids will love recognizing the fun pattern on your uniform. Prints of funky and unique patterns give you a distinct personality in the workplace and can even make patients feel more comfortable because of your more relaxed uniform. Print something on the top and pants, or just the top alone.

Mix and Match

If you have permission, you can mix and match pieces to make your scrubs look unique. For instance, wear a long-sleeved shirt under your scrub top in a complementary color--like gray with blue or black with white. You can also mix and match your scrub top and pants for a unique look. If you buy scrubs in a variety of colors, you'll always have fun matching different outfits and creating different color schemes. You can even make seasonal pairings, like bright and pastel colors in the spring and earthy tones in the fall.
Folded Pile of Colorful Scrubs

Pockets, Pockets, Pockets

Everyone who works in the medical field knows how important pockets can be. Some carry around supplies, pens, pads, and so much more. Extra pockets even make it easier to take your wallet, phone, and keys with you as you enter and exit the workplace. Customize your scrubs with plenty of pockets on all of your tops and pants, and you'll always feel ready to take on a busy workday.

But the best way to be prepared for everything the medical field can throw at you is to buy high-quality scrubs. If you're wondering where to buy scrubs at great prices and with great customization potential, visit Raley Scrubs today. We offer medical uniforms in Tulsa in a variety of colors and patterns and can customize your scrubs, too! And don't forget to visit our online store to get free shipping on your order.