What Your Nursing Uniform Says about Your Personality

NurseClothes make the man and the woman, so it's not surprising that your personality influences your choice of scrubs. It works the other way around as well. The type of clothes you choose can make a difference on your mood and behavior that day and even influence the mood of the people you're working with. So, what does your nursing uniform say about you?

Flowers and Pictures

If you're the type of person to purchase a uniform with flowers and funny pictures on it, then you probably have a cheerful or funny personality. Your patients may even be cheered when they see you, in part because of your uniform and partly because of the way you smile and listen to them. If you like scrubs with silly pictures on them, it's possible that some patients or co-workers won't take you seriously. However, most people equate quirky tastes with a creative personality.

Solid Colors

There's nothing wrong with purchasing solid color uniforms at your scrub shop in Tulsa. While the quirky type may find it boring, this type of clothing choice most likely exhibits a stable personality. Your patients will assume that you're reliable and consistent, which is a good trait for an employee and co-worker, too. If you want to do something unpredictable, you can always add a quirky accessory to your wardrobe.

Designer Wear

If you always covet the latest trends in nursing scrubs, then you may be one of your most fashionable co-workers. While you can certainly get a nursing uniform that matches your style, you shouldn't spend too much money on expensive uniforms. After all, your scrubs will get in contact with different chemicals as part of your job and may need to be replaced sooner than you think.

Mismatched Styles

If you show up to work in mismatched tops and pants, nobody will take you seriously. You may already have a klutzy personality and be more likely to spill or stumble. Therefore, you should pay attention to your outfit and try to look professional. It's also important to purchase the right shoes for the job, too. They should be something generic that goes with every color and is made of sturdy rubber.