Why You Should Choose Antimicrobial Scrubs

Most people understand the importance of sterilizing medical equipment and washing hands, but hospital textiles can also contribute to the transmission of pathogens.
Dr. Gonzolo Bearman, associate professor of internal medicine at the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine, led a study. The results suggest the use of antimicrobial scrubs may reduce bacteria on healthcare worker apparel.

Nurse in Scrubs

Making Antimicrobial Scrubs

Different manufacturers use different methods to make antimicrobial scrubs. Some embed an active antibacterial agent into fabric fibers. The agents bond to the fibers to create a bacteria-killing fabric. Some agents target bacteria specifically, some target bacterial proteins, others attach to bacterial DNA, making it impossible for the bacteria to replicate.

Some manufacturers prefer to use natural elements, like silver ions or other organic substances that prevent contamination from bacteria as well. These antimicrobials kill bacteria on contact and prevent it from being transferred. Some also use fluid resistant technologies that prevent bacteria-rich fluids from sticking to the fabric.

Decrease Infections

Dr. Bearman wanted to find easily implemented and sustained ways to reduce risks. He is quoted as saying, “If widespread antimicrobial scrub use were added to existing infection prevention strategies, a further decrease in hospital acquired infections may occur by limiting the cross transmission of pathogens via apparel."

Additional Benefits

At first, a few people were concerned about skin irritation or other side effects, but antimicrobial scrubs have become more popular as healthcare professionals have worn them. In addition to killing bacteria, there are other good reasons to choose antimicrobial scrubs for nurses. These include:

· Increased Wear – The antimicrobial treatment strengthens the fabric and helps prolong the wearable life of the garment. You might pay a little more for these scrubs, but they're likely to last longer and be worth the additional cost. They wash well and retain their antimicrobial properties, so you can be sure that you and your patients have bacterial protection for an extended period of time.

· Odor Reduction – Since most odors come from bacteria, you'll notice a decrease in odor with antimicrobial scrubs.

· Stain Resistance - The additional layer of protection can also help repel stains so you can wear your scrubs longer.

· Popular Brands – Antimicrobial scrubs come in a variety of well-known, quality brands for nursing scrubs in Tulsa, including Cherokee, Dickies, and Code Happy.

· Readily Available – Antimicrobial scrubs in Tulsa are readily available and easy to find.

· Comfortable - Advances in technology have made antimicrobial scrubs as soft and comfortable as other scrubs, so you have the same comfort with increased safety.

· Reduced Risks - Healthcare worker often go to the supermarket, pick up a child, or run other errands after they leave work. Antimicrobial scrubs reduce the risk of carrying contamination outside the hospital.

Nurse in Scrubs

Help Reduce MRSA

Healthcare workers' contaminated uniforms can be a source of mobility for bacteria. Scrubs made from antimicrobial fabrics help prevent the spread of bacteria that causes Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), a serious problem for hospitals.

With all of these benefits, it just makes sense to choose antimicrobial scrubs. You can buy antimicrobial scrubs in Tulsa and improve the cleanliness and sterility of the care you provide. Antimicrobial scrubs are a win-win for healthcare providers and their patients.