Whether you're in the medical field or a dental office, you spend the majority of your time dressed in scrubs. They may be mandatory, but that doesn't mean that they have to be uncomfortable.If you're looking for scrubs that are flattering and affordable, look no further than Cherokee Workwear scrubs! With so many benefits, this brand should be at the top of your list.

People in ScrubsWorking in the medical field is an exciting and rewarding career opportunity for anyone interested in helping people. There are a lot of benefits to joining a community of nurses, doctors, surgeons, and medical assistants. Of course, regardless of the specific health care field, working in a medical setting requires a lot of focus and a ton of responsibility. Unlike some other careers, missing small details here or there can have detrimental consequences in the healthcare field.

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When working in the healthcare industry, the type of scrubs you wear is an important decision. You want to make sure that you are comfortable for those long shifts so that your focus can remain on the patients and not on your attire. Some of the factors that should be considered when looking into purchasing scrubs include cost, fabric, style, and durability. With all of the things you have to worry about during your workday, this ensures that your clothes will not be one of them. Here is a buyer's guide when you search scrub stores near me in Tulsa, OK.

Two doctors with crossed armsMedical scrubs are a must for those who work in the medical industry. From doctors, nurses, dentists, orthodontists and lab technicians to the medical support staff like receptionists. Scrubs keep your body safe from chemicals and bodily fluids. They're also flexible, comfortable, and long-lasting. Some high-quality scrubs even make you look professional and attractive while you work.

Two DoctorsAre you looking for scrubs for nurses, doctors, technicians, medical assistants, medical office assistants, and other healthcare workers? Scrubs aren't a luxury for you; they're a necessity, and your employer may require that you pay for them out of pocket. If so, then you need to ensure that you only invest in scrubs that are right for your body shape, the job you perform, and your personal style. The right scrubs can impact how you feel, and even how productive you can be at work.

ScrubsIf you work in a hospital, clinic, or anywhere else in medical care, you likely wear the beloved wardrobe of scrubs everyday. Scrubs are a great uniform because they are comfortable, convenient, simple, and easy to clean. Despite their popularity and usefulness, scrubs weren't always the uniform in hospitals. After reading about the history of scrubs, where they are today, and the most common colors, buy new scrubs for your job, or just your daily life, and check out online stores for scrubs in Tulsa, OK.

The Pros of Dickies Scrubs

December 08, 2018

Multiple scrubsWhen you're working in a medical setting, the comfort, and even the look, of your attire matters. When you're on your feet during the day, you need clothing that's comfortable and allows you to physically maneuver completely, but you probably also want to look your best. That's when buying the right pair of scrubs becomes a priority, and Dickies scrubs provides plenty of colors and fit options that will allow you to find a choice that will work for you day in and day out.

ScrubsMedical scrubs didn't start out as a fashion statement. When medical staffs first started wearing them, scrubs were white. White was hard on the eyes and showed every stain imaginable, so scrubs in drab green and blue became common. In the past, hospitals may have supplied their staff with scrubs. Dirty or worn out scrubs were brought to a central supply area and traded for clean scrubs. That's not how things work today. It's even less likely if you work in a private medical or dental practice. You're responsible for purchasing and caring for your own scrubs. Just like other pieces in your wardrobe, scrubs must be replenished. Here are tips on how often you should replace your medical scrubs.

ScrubsMedical scrubs have captured the imagination of the public, thanks to television, but for the medical or healthcare professional, they're as important to the job as any other piece of equipment. They allow for comfort during long shifts, flexibility during difficult tasks, durability for normal wear and tear, and are relatively easy to maintain. Still, there are do's and don'ts to your medical clothes wardrobe. Here are a few things to think about when choosing your nursing scrubs in Tulsa, TX.

Tips to Clean Your Scrubs

September 18, 2018

ScrubsBeing a nurse is a tough and important job. The long shifts are full of meaningful, yet tiring, work, and their faithful scrubs accompany them through every bit of the day. At the end of each shift, a pair of scrubs may be full disgusting stains. Though you're bound to be exhausted after a hard day of work, it's important to sufficiently clean your scrubs so they're disinfected and sanitary for your next shift. Keep these tips in mind to keep your scrubs in the best condition possible.

NurseVirtually no one looks as good in scrubs in real life as they do on those television shows. In fact, most look a lot worse. Whether you favor pewter scrubs or the classic blue or green or any other color, scrubs in a medical setting are less about fashion choices than they are about utility. Scrubs let everyone know who medical staff is, are loose fitting to allow for working with patients, protect medical staff from germs and infections, and are durable because providing medical care can be very strenuous. If you're looking for a line of scrubs and are stuck between Cherokee or Grey's Anatomy scrubs, here are the main differences.

ScrubsMedical professionals have an extra section in their closet, one designated just for theirs scrub. Scrubs, named after their sanitary role during “scrubbing-up" to see patients, aren't just for surgeons making their way to the operating room anymore.

ScrubsScrubs are the sanitary clothing worn by hospital workers, nurses, doctors, and other staff. They're simply designed to minimize places for contaminants to lurk. There are several options when it comes to the fabric choices for scrubs. Many are made of 100 percent cotton.

Scrubs are primarily identified with those who work in the medical field. The two-piece utility garment is the uniform of choice for doctors, nurses, and others who work in hospitals around the country.

Like traditional nurses, dentists and dental hygienists wear medical scrubs because they're hygienic, cost-effective, and professional. Click here to learn more here about uniforms in dentistry from Raley Scrubs.

You may be used to scrubs that are one size fits all, in boring colors, and not flattering on anyone. This is no longer the case. Scrubs these days can help you perform the same duties while making you look and feel great. Better fits, bolder looks, and even a comfier feel are all in your future. Look for these cute and affordable scrubs in Tulsa, OK.

Every morning, you slide open your closet doors and look for an outfit that is both comfortable and stylish. Historically, only the former was an option for dentists and dental hygienists. Reaching for a set of fashionable scrubs was something only actors on your favorite medical drama did.

One of the perks of being a nurse or hospital tech is the ability to buy scrubs in a variety of colors and patterns. As long as you don't need to stick to a strict set of scrubs, you can use your work uniform as an opportunity to show your true colors. When you come see us, you'll be able to buy scrubs in OK in the following expressive patterns.

Have you ever wondered why nurses really wear medical scrubs? Scrub uniforms serve several practical functions because of features built into their design. Click here and learn more about these amazing uniforms from the experts at Raley Scrubs.

There are several different types of scrubs on the market today. You can customize your uniform with fabrics and colors that reflect your personal style and comfort needs. Read on to learn more about scrubs and scrub fabrics from Raley Scrubs.

The winter chill brings biting wind, ice, and even snow in some areas. However, you still have to work through these harsh conditions. People still get sick and injured in the winter, and as a member of a healthcare facility or clinic, you have a responsibility to help them. So how do you dress appropriately for the winter season so that you don't become a patient yourself? Protecting your body from the cold protects your joints, skin, and immune system. Here are some tips for staying warm this winter.

Clothes make the man and the woman, so it's not surprising that your personality influences your choice of scrubs. It works the other way around as well. The type of clothes you choose can make a difference on your mood and behavior that day and even influence the mood of the people you're working with. So, what does your nursing uniform say about you?

As advances in technology have changed the way doctors practice medicine, they have also changed the uniform. The scrub uniform has seen many changes throughout history since the early days of primitive medicine. Click here to learn more from the professionals at Raley Scrubs.

While scrubs are the traditional uniform of medical professionals of all kinds, many people don't understand why they are so important for those jobs. Besides being a major identifier, scrubs serve protective and sanitation purposes and generally make life easier for people working in medical fields. Buying the right scrubs, wearing them properly, and taking care of your scrubs in Tulsa, OK, will make your job easier.

Both nurses and nursing students wear scrubs. Some have the freedom to select a favorite style or color, or to mix and match pieces. Others are required to wear a certain color or type, so don't be surprised if you're given specific requirements for nursing scrubs in Oklahoma City.

Wearing scrubs to work every day offers some real advantages. Choosing the day's outfit isn't much of a struggle, and the coziness and functionality of scrubs means you'll be comfortable and prepared as you go about the day's work. If you're lucky, you might be able to find scrubs at a local big box store or boutique. However, there's a better way to purchase scrubs from Tulsa, OK. Purchase scrubs online!

If you're in a profession that requires you to wear scrubs, you may have often wondered while dressing for work why scrubs are so important. Scrubs have been a part of the medical profession for so long that people don't think twice about why medical professionals wear them; however, there are a few important reasons you should know about.

People think that it's impossible to be fashionable while working in a hospital, but they're wrong. Medical professionals can be sensibly stylish, and at their best for their patients. Scrub uniforms in Tulsa, can be extremely comfortable, trendy, and utilitarian at the same time.

Medical scrubs are an essential part of your medical attire. Naturally, that means you'd like a good deal when buying them, but many people also want something stylish and comfortable. Discover the benefits of buying medical scrubs online, and take advantage of what the best suppliers have to offer.

Lately, scrubs for nurses have been basic and bland. Today, however, several new cuts and styles are changing the uniform industry for the better. Here are a few ways you can create a fashion statement with your uniform from Raley Scrubs.

R When it's time for you to buy scrubs in OKC, you need to know what you're looking for. Saying that you want scrubs is like saying you want a car—which kind do you need, what is your budget, and how will you use them? Scrubs are made very differently for different people and job functions. If you are wondering where to buy scrubs in Tulsa, you should consider a few factors first. These are the features of nursing scrubs that you should look for and have in mind:

Nowadays, nurses and other health care professionals have more selections of scrubs in Tulsa, available to wear to work. Comfort and utility are the primary reasons for choosing scrubs, and visual appeal can sometimes help ease work stresses. Patients, especially younger ones, comply better when they see health care professionals in particular types of scrubs during rounds. Here are some of the trends for Cherokee scrubs:

Raley Scrubs_ What You Need to Know about Antimicrobial Scrubs and MRSA_image Medical technology is constantly improving sanitary conditions in hospitals and doctor's offices. Antimicrobial scrubs for nurses are among the latest improvements to the medical industry. They're having the greatest impact in the fight against MRSA Tulsa hospitals. Keep reading to learn more from the scrubs experts at Raley Scrubs.

Raley Scrubs_ Health Benefits of Wearing Scrubs_image While everyone knows about the comfort and fashion that medical scrubs bring to hospitals, doctors' offices, and beyond, not everyone is as well versed in the health benefits of scrubs worn in a medical setting. At Raley Scrubs in Tulsa, we understand that scrubs are an important part of the medical work environment for more than just fashion choices and comfort.

scrubs Buying scrubs or any other work-related clothing can be a bit trickier than most people would probably prefer. Gauging the right fit and cut can be a bit tricky, especially if you aren't familiar with a particular brand or style and how it's cut. It's even more difficult to judge the quality of the material until you put it through the paces. So how do you buy quality scrubs, and where can you get a good deal on them? Read more to find out.

Doctor and nurse The uniforms worn by nurses and doctors across the world have a very deep history. Advances in both the textile and medical industries have progressed the evolution of these uniforms from humble beginnings into the realms of designer fashion. Before you start your search for where to buy scrubs in Tulsa, check out the history of these amazing uniforms from the uniform experts at Raley Scrubs.

Different Scrubs Working as a health professional can be exhausting, but with the wide selection of affordable scrubs in Tulsa, there's no reason for you to look as tired as you may feel. Additionally, cute and hip scrubs aren't just to make you look good; there's proof that pediatric and adult patients respond well to health care professionals who wear friendly-looking scrubs. And this is why you should always buy scrubs in Tulsa that make you look less intimidating. Here are reasons why reasonably priced scrub suits are the best value for your money.

Hospital staff Nosocomial infections, or infections acquired at a health care facility like a hospital, are a major but preventable problem. E. coli, MRSA, urinary tract infections, and more can all be spread simply by a careless staff member—and the problem is more common than you may realize. One way to cut down on the spread of these infections and diseases is through antimicrobial scrubs found at most scrub shops in Tulsa, OK.

Nurse Your life as a nurse is already hectic enough. When you have a stain on your uniform, that adds a new level of stress to your job. Raley Scrubs provides hints for removing stains from your scrubs in Tulsa using simple household equipment.

Hospital scene There are many styles and colors of medical uniforms. Whether or not you have worked in a medical office or facility, you have likely seen different types of scrubs with different features, like colorful patterns, form-fitting cuts, V-necks, swoop necks, and plenty of pockets. If you work in the medical field, then you probably know your uniform requirements by now. Whatever your specific requirements are, there are a few specific types of scrubs that you will need in order to look professional, protect your body while you work, and stay flexible so you can provide sufficient patient care. These are 5 types of scrubs you can find online.

Medical Personnel in Scrubs Antimicrobial fabrics have completely revolutionized the medical industry. Not only have they helped slow the spread of infectious diseases, but they're also comfortable and fashionable to wear. Your local scrub shop in Oklahoma City will have a wide variety of scrubs, including those treated with antimicrobial protection. Here are the top five benefits of wearing antimicrobial uniforms from Raley Scrubs.

Hospital staff For busy nursing students and medical professionals in the Oklahoma City, OK area, it can be incredibly difficult to find the time to shop for scrubs to wear to school and the workplace. This can become even more challenging when you are attempting to stay within a set budget for clothes or school supplies. The different styles and colors available tend to make this even more of a complex decision, but there are a number of ways that even the pickiest shopper can find the most affordable nursing scrubs available.

Smiling nurse If you are a nurse or a nursing student, odds are you do not have much extra time to go shopping for the best pair of scrubs. With everything else that is constantly fighting for your attention and focus, this may just seem to be one more daunting item on your to-do list. However, there are a number of benefits to be found in simply shopping online for these items! For the busy nurse like yourself, it will only take a few minutes to log onto your computer (or even your phone) and purchase the necessary scrubs. In the bustling city of Oklahoma City, affordable scrubs can be difficult to find. Simply going online for these scrubs has a number of benefits.

Hospital staff in Oklahoma City If you are a recent graduate of medical school, a nursing program, technical or vocational training, or any other healthcare schooling, then you now have a simple task ahead of you: finding a job. With how large and ever-growing the healthcare industry is, your most pressing task will actually be to outfit yourself for whatever job it is that you are hired to perform. Wherever you work, though, there is one widely-known industry standard: antimicrobial scrubs.

Nurses in Oklahoma City Nursing is hard work. It typically involves 10 to 12 hour days with a lot of downtime punctuated with several shots of adrenaline. Nurses can face several life and death situations, depending on where they work and what their specialty is. However, every nurse faces having to deal with another person's body fluids. At Raley Scrubs in Oklahoma City, we know why scrubs make the perfect clothing item for nurses and other people who want style and comfort.

Nurse at work When searching for nursing scrubs, it can be somewhat challenging to find comfortable, cheap garments within your price range and at a convenient place for you to shop. This means that it may be even harder to find scrubs that you like and that flatter your body type. There are a number of different styles you should try to be sure that you are purchasing the scrubs that will work best for you. During a busy day in the hospital, clinic, or office, you will want the most comfortable and becoming style of scrubs available. While it may sound slightly daunting to find scrub stores near you that carry these flattering styles, a little bit of research about this topic will ensure you have the best possible product! Every body type is different, but remember this simple guide when buying scrubs in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Understanding the four most common female shapes will help you as you shop for nursing scrubs.

Blue Scrubs on Hanger Just because you're required to wear a uniform to work doesn't mean that you can't look and feel good doing it. As a medical professional, whether as a doctor or a nurse, wearing scrubs in Tulsa, OK might not seem stylish or fashionable, but more like a necessity. However, here are some things to keep in mind to help you feel more confident and stylish in your medical uniforms in Tulsa.

Woman in Scrubs Whether you're buying scrubs for the first time or the hundredth time, there are several things you need to consider. The right uniform should complement your body type and the right fabric should keep you comfortable all day long. Before you go shopping for nursing scrubs in Oklahoma City, check out this guide from Raley Scrubs.

Nurse in Scrubs Most people understand the importance of sterilizing medical equipment and washing hands, but hospital textiles can also contribute to the transmission of pathogens. Dr. Gonzolo Bearman, associate professor of internal medicine at the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine, led a study. The results suggest the use of antimicrobial scrubs may reduce bacteria on healthcare worker apparel.

Nurse in Oklahoma CityScrubs are uniforms that are primarily made to be safe and sanitary. They can handle spills, protect you from patients' bodily fluids, and allow for unrestricted movement so you can do your important work with ease. However, buying scrubs in Tulsa, OK, may seem difficult for some healthcare industry employees for one major reason: everyone wears them. How do you stand out and look your best when you are required to wear a very practical uniform? What types of scrubs should you buy? Should you invest in the best brands, like Dickies scrubs? Below are 3 detailed tips to help you look your best in scrubs.

Scrubs on HangerWearing scrubs can be frustrating for people who take great care with their choice of clothing. Fortunately, scrubs come in all different colors and styles, so you can still look fabulous at work. In this article, you'll find specific suggestions for beautifying your work attire. It's all about choosing the style and color that's right for you, matching the right top and bottom, and adding some personal touches to your scrubs.

Surgery team in the operating room in TulsaScrubs are the standard uniform for doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals. It can be tempting to think of scrubs as plain and generic attire, but that isn't always the case, and scrubs don't have to be a boring, humdrum part of your daily work life. There are many branded scrubs available, and it's easy to find something that'll suit your needs and your personal style if you know where to look. Continue reading for where and how to buy branded scrubs.

Surgery team in the operating room in TulsaScrubs are the standard uniform for doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals. It can be tempting to think of scrubs as plain and generic attire, but that isn't always the case, and scrubs don't have to be a boring, humdrum part of your daily work life. There are many branded scrubs available, and it's easy to find something that'll suit your needs and your personal style if you know where to look. Continue reading for where and how to buy branded scrubs.

Surgery team in the operating room in TulsaResearchers have known for years the importance of sterilizing medical equipment and washing hands. Studies showed that hospital textiles were likely contributors to the transmission of pathogens, but for decades, there was little to be done to fix the problem.
At Raley Scrubs, we know patients need healthcare workers, despite the fact that workers' uniforms could contribute to hospital infections. The germy uniforms, worn for an 8-hour or longer work day, can be easily contaminated, and an easy source of mobility for bacteria.Recently, however, researchers have found a way to combat that challenge, thanks to the creation of fabrics designed to prevent contamination.Today, scrubs crafted with antimicrobial fabrics are preventing the spread of the bacteria that causes Staph, Salmonella, E. Coli, and methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) in hospitals.

Scrubs with StethoscopeWe know that doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals spend hours of the day on their feet, and that many miles of walking are accumulated each day at work. The right shoes make all the difference between healthy feet and feet that suffer from blisters, bunions, and even stress fractures. The wrong shoes can make work more than just unpleasant, so read on to learn about the right shoes for medical professionals.

Scrubs with StethoscopeIf you've ever seen pictures of nurses during the early 1900s, they typically wear a uniform. They may be seen wearing a white shirt, skirt, and hat. Since then, scrubs in Tulsa have become the clothing commonly worn by people in the medical field. We sell scrubs to doctors, nurses, dental hygienists, medical assistants, and other professionals. But have you ever wondered where scrubs came from or when they first used? Wonder no more. Here is a brief history of clothing worn by medical professionals.

Surgical nurse in TulsaWe sell scrubs for a wide range of occupations. From dental hygienists to emergency room nurses, there are lots of people who require antimicrobial scrubs in Tulsa and throughout the world. Scrubs come in different colors and styles, but they generally look the same. One difference is that some are fluid resistant. Choosing these scrubs can provide several benefits. Here are some things that people should know about fluid-resistant scrubs.

Scrubs with StethoscopeAt Raley Scrubs, we understand just how important quality scrubs are. From nurses to dentists, scrubs are the official uniform of the health care industry. For that reason, we have made it our business to provide quality scrubs in a variety of styles and colors. No matter what fit you prefer, we have something for you. Before you start ordering your next set, make sure that you have selected colors that match with your facility's color code.

Scrubs with StethoscopeIt seems that everywhere you look these days someone is wearing "scrubs." This garment is standard within the medical profession. Scrubs are also widely worn by those who work in scientific labs where the same level of concern over germs exists. Scrubs are aptly named because they were created for surgeons who needed a garment that had very few places for germs to hide while they were "scrubbing in" for surgery. During surgery, doctors would wear white surgical coats, but scrubs were a great option because they were also inexpensive to replace when damaged or stained. When you buy "scrubs" in Tulsa, for example, that's what they're called. It's interesting to note, however, that in England scrubs are called "Theater Blues."

Nurse and patient in TulsaPeople often say that they wish they could wear scrubs all day on the job. Why? Because scrubs are known for being comfortable. People who have to wear scrubs every day on the job want to feel comfortable. However, they also want something that looks good on them. In order to help them find this balance, we offer Dickies scrubs in Tulsa. These scrubs are perfect for busy professionals because they're comfortable, easy to care for, and look great. Here is some more information about the Dickies Scrubs Collection that we offer.

Confident surgeon in Tulsa OKIn the 1950s and 1960s, scrubs were primarily made of white material and used mostly in operating rooms. It was believed that a bright white color demonstrated cleanliness for surgical procedures.
However, after repeated exposure to the bright white of operating rooms, the scrubs, and the intense lighting, surgical staffs began complaining about eye strain. With time, scrub technology evolved, and styles were soon available in a wide variety of colors and, later, patterns. As more and more medical professionals were required to wear scrubs, additional styles became available in short sleeves, long sleeves, V-necks, and more.