Cherokee scrubs vs. Grey's Anatomy Scrubs

Cherokee Scrubs vs Grey's Anatomy Scrubs at Raley ScrubsVirtually no one looks as good in scrubs in real life as they do on those television shows. In fact, most look a lot worse. Whether you favor pewter scrubs or the classic blue or green or any other color, scrubs in a medical setting are less about fashion choices than they are about utility. Scrubs let everyone know who medical staff is, are loose fitting to allow for working with patients, protect medical staff from germs and infections, and are durable because providing medical care can be very strenuous. If you're looking for a line of scrubs and are stuck between Cherokee or Grey's Anatomy scrubs, here are the main differences.

Grey's Anatomy

The classic look of the television series lends itself well to the medical environment. That probably is why they were selected as the signature clothing for television. You, however, work in real life and you need real life scrubs that can stand up to the rigors and stress of everyday life in a medical setting. The Gray's Anatomy Professional Wear by Barco is designed to be incredibly soft, yet durable, so you can wear it like a second skin. No matter what you face or how long the shift, the Grey's Anatomy Professional Wear by Barco line of nursing scrubs in Dallas, TX, will help you do your job with ease and look stylish while doing it.



The Authentic Cherokee Workwear Originals and Premium are “built for lasting comfort." These scrubs are durable, resilient, comfortable, and stylish. Made for daily wear, these scrubs more than hold up to the medical environment. They also will remain in good shape for far longer than most scrubs. If you're looking for Cherokee scrubs in Tulsa, OK. stop by Raley Scrubs we have 2 stores near you. Or if you are in Dallas, TX, or anywhere outside of Tulsa shop our online store for Cherokee scrubs. We offer free shipping on all orders. They will more than exceed your expectations.

The Comparison

Both pairs of scrubs are known for durability, extreme comfort, very tight fits and being ultra “stretchy," which allows for washing and drying them repeatedly. In general, Grey's Anatomy scrubs have a reputation for shrinking during the first few washes, but not so much as to rule them out. Both pairs are backed by leaders in the industry, which means they will last no matter how rigorous your job.

Whether you choose Grey's Anatomy or Cherokee scrubs, you will be getting a pair of work clothes that are good looking, stylish, durable, resilient, and very comfortable. What you choose or prefer is solely subjective and with either, you cannot go wrong. Both types come in classic colors including pewter scrubs or blue as well as other, more vivid colors.